Tis The Season of Chronic Dry Eye

What is Chronic Dry Eye?

Chronic dry eye is an incurable ocular surface disease in which you are unable to produce sufficient tears to keep your eyes hydrated, resulting in dry scratchy eyes that often suffer from blurred vision.

Dry eyes are caused by a lack of adequate tear production or the quality of tear production. If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, this is that time of the year when it can be most noticeable. There are diagnostic tests that assist the physician in diagnosing the severity of ocular surface disease.

What Causes Chronic Dry Eye Disease?

Chronic Dry Eye can be caused by advanced age, prolonged contact lens wear, certain medications, other eye diseases, other medical conditions, or environmental factors. Reduced tear production due to inflammation, can also result in this dry eye phenomenon.


Do You Think You Have Chronic Dry Eye Disease?

If you use artificial tears often, you may have a type of Chronic Dry Eye disease. If your use of artificial tears is no longer effective, your condition could be worsening.

If you think you may have a type of Chronic Dry Eye disease, take the Dry Eye Quiz and make an appointment with our eye doctors and ask to get screened.

Learn More About Dry Eye

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Treatment for Dry Eye

There are effective treatments for Ocular surface disease that will help reduce symptoms and discomfort experienced by patients with dry eyes. Visit Dedham Ophthalmic Consultants and Surgeons to see which of our treatments is best for you.

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