Back to School Never Looked So Good

Back to school eye glass trends that are taking the world of academia by storm.

If you wear corrective lenses but you also LOVE fashion, there is no better way to start the school year off than with a trendy new wardrobe accessory. That’s right, EYEGLASSES are no longer a burden. They are now a hot and hip commodity that will make you stand out in the crowd and grab your teachers attention.

From going to class first thing in the morning to late night study sessions at the local coffee shop, your eye glasses are with you every step of the way. So, if you’ve been rocking the same old pair for awhile now,  it is time to update your look.

Clear glasses, or those made with a semi-transparent acetate, is one of the new eye glass fashion looks that offer a modern twist to a classic style. Thick glossy black or animal print frames is another hot trend for back to school with their bold vintage appeal. Another fashionable glasses trend that is sure to take over lecture halls are glasses those featuring a bold turquoise tortoiseshell appeal .

Glasses for Her

Some co-eds might prefer to go for our eyeglasses that combine intellectual appeal with feminine proportions for an attention-grabbing style. Others may elect for the go bold or go home, I am a genius and proud of it sort of look. So, whether you have a passion for the arts or are more of a science beaker kind of girl, there is a pair of glasses just for you.

Glasses for Him

Forget what you’ve been told about eye glass wearers. Those stereotypes are cliche.  For fall, break the mold and check out some of our favorite brands at Dedham Ophthalmic Consultants. Our suppliers have released super cool shades with rad rims and fun effects. The styles that are rolling out are so sweet, even your classroom chaps with 20/20 vision will want to take them for a spin.

Stop in Today and SEE for Yourself

To get you on the right track when it comes to updating your back to school look, our optometrist is available to assist you with some trending back to school glasses looks and will explain why they’re grade A worthy.

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