Ways to Use Your Flex Care Benefits on Eye Care and Eye Wear

The year is running out and it is time to use or LOSE your flex spending dollars. For those who have Flex Spending Accounts, (FSA) the following list reflects the covered optometry products and services. Those who do not yet have an FSA, the following is a list of reasons why you should!

Eye Exams YES a visit to the optometrist’s office is FSA eligible! Standard eye exams involve a number of vision tests to test your close and distant vision, You will also be tested for glaucoma, and a thorough exam of the inner eye will be performed, after the pupils have been dilated. Most eye exams take a couple of hours to complete. Should you require corrective eye wear, you will be fitted for a prescription for eye glasses, and/or contact lenses – and fitted for both.

Eye Surgery Vision correcting surgery (cataract surgery or laser vision correction) is FSA eligible. If you or a loved one needs corrective surgery as the result of a vision problem or a recent injury, surgery is covered by your benefit.

Eye Drops Anti-allergy eye drops and lubricant eye drops are FSA eligible.

Contact Lenses Contact lens wearers must support their vision correction methods with a rigorous cleaning and maintenance regimen. Contact lenses, lens solution and carrying cases are daily mainstays for contact lens wearers, but luckily all of these products are FSA eligible as well. This can help contact wearers save hundreds each year on the products they use every day.

Eyeglasses If you wear glasses, your FSA can help you save you hundreds each year on the frames, lenses and accessories. Both reading and prescription eyeglasses are FSA eligible. Eye glass repair kits, cleaning cloths and sprays to help you prolong the life span of your spectacles are also covered.

Sunglasses: Prescription sunglasses are eligible with a prescription for flexible spending accounts. Please note, they are not eligible with dependent care flexible spending accounts.

What’s stopping you from flexing your spending dollars? CALL TODAY and start enjoying the benefits of your FSA dollars.

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