LipiView Treatment

How the Lipiview treatment works.

Individually sealed devices called Activators are placed around the eyelids and a gentle massaging coupled with the precise application of heat is applied removing gland blockages and reactivating gland function. The treatment is designed so that the eyeball is completely protected from heat and pressure.

Print the following instructions for your home care after LipiView Treatment.

The LipiFlow® Activator, a single-use sterile device, safely and comfortably delivers automated therapeutic energies to each meibomian gland while protecting the delicate structures of the patient’s eye. Supported by 36 patents and seven years of dedicated research, LipiFlow® provides a level of accuracy and quality that allows our eye care professionals to treat our MGD patients with confidence and ease.

The contoured design of the LipiFlow® vaults the cornea and protects the eye, allowing a maximum therapeutic temperature of 43 degrees celsius to reach glands from the inner eyelid, without damaging the eyelid or delicate structures of the globe. Insulation protects the cornea while an intelligent pressure feedback loop sends pulsed sequences to expel blockages. Force equalization protects the globe from pressure transmission by focusing energy only on the eyelid.